Pharmacy Contact Numbers

Roseville Main Pharmacy

100 Riverside Avenue
Roseville, CA 95661

EasyFill (refill by phone): 916-784-5500
Information: 916-784-4540

Roseville Eureka

1600 Eureka Rd, 2d floor pharmacy
EasyFill (refill by phone): 916-784-5500
Information: 916-784-4011

Roseville Pediatric Pharmacy

1840 Sierra Gardens Dr
EasyFill (refill by phone): 916-784-5500
Information: 916-784-5081

Sacramento Arden Refill Pharmacy

3184 Arden Way
EasyFill (refill by phone): 916-486-5253
Information: 916-486-5266

Sacramento Morse Ave Pharmacy

2025 Morse Ave, 1st Floor
EasyFill (refill by phone): 916-486-5253
Information: 916-973-5362

Sacramento Point West Pharmacy

1650 Response Rd
EasyFill (refill by phone): 916-614-4004
Information: 916-614-4065

Sacramento Fair Oaks Pharmacy

2345 Fair Oaks Blvd, 1st Floor
EasyFill (refill by phone): 916-480-6702
Information: 916-480-6705

Lincoln Pharmacy

1900 Dresden Ave
EasyFill (refill by phone): 916-543-5155
Information: 916-543-5140

Rancho Cordova Pharmacy

10725 International Drive
EasyFill (refill by phone): 916-631-2300
Information: 916-631-2303

Davis Pharmacy

1955 Cowell Blvd
EasyFill (refill by phone): 530-757-4080
Information: 530-757-4000

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